Friday, August 26, 2011

Dan Marentic's Canadian House & Home Tour

I saw this condo tour on H&H OnlineTV and just had to share it because it is spectacular! 

Dan Marentic is an interior design consultant for Ctrl/Alt/Delete. He lives in a one bedroom, one bathroom 565 square foot "soft loft" condo. I love the way he altered some of the standard finishes of his unit to give his space a unique high-end look. These are the kinds of tours I like to see because they inspire me on how to upgrade my future condo.

Some of my highlights include:
  • The floors - they are gorgeous
  • The strip of tile he took out in the shower and replaced with marble to give a custom-look
  • The storage along the head of the bed with built-in bedside tables. He used store bought closets and gave them custom doors for a high-end look
  • He had a straight line kitchen but added extra cabinetry up top and perpendicularly to create an L-shaped kitchen
  • The custom counter-high table that can be used as extra prep space and a dining table
  • The ethanol fireplace in the living room, which has a cutout on the back so it can be enjoyed in the bedroom as well. 
  • The sofa sectional is gorgeous and is large enough that it can function as a sleeping area for overnight guests.
  • The way the balcony is set up with a dining area and 2 chairs overlooking the view.

Check out the tour HERE.

And just so I don't have a picture-less post, here's the Emily-Jane Bisectional from Style Garage :-)

Does anyone have $3000 to spare?

Have a great weekend!

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