Thursday, May 3, 2012

Restaurant Crash: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

I got a new position in a new department at work, so to celebrate my friend Gary took me out for dinner at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. It was the first time there for both of us and we were very impressed!IMG_1477

We ordered these two drinks when we sat down. Mine on the left, Gary’s on the right. I can’t remember what they were called, but mine had ginger in it and Gary’s at chillies! Mildred's Temple Kitchen drinks

Here was our menu. It was a four course meal and I took some photos because the menu looked delicious and the food was very well presented. We substituted the gnocchi poutine for a beet salad because the poutine was made with beef gravy and I don’t eat mammals.IMG_1454Mildred's Temple Kitchen - food collage

As you can see on the menu, the fourth course was dessert. The waitress poured the espresso over top and I dug right in… about halfway through I realized I didn’t get a photo. Oh well…I’m not even sorry lol it was delicious!

The decor inside was really cool. One of my friends described it as a swanky café and I think I’d have to agree. It was very contemporary and minimal. Even the bathrooms were cool. Check out the photos!IMG_1457





Have you ever eaten here? Does this restaurant remind you of any others in Toronto?

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