Thursday, June 21, 2012

Green Onion Planter

Did you know that green onions can be put in water, allowing the green parts to regrow almost indefinitely? Just pick up some green onions with the little white roots attached (that’s how they’re sold in the grocery store), then put the bunch(es) in a container of water. Simple as that!

Green onions are so versatile! Here's a short list of how you can use them:
  • Rolled in olive oil and then grilled
  • Baked into a quiche
  • On/in pretty much anything Mexican
  • On/in pretty much anything Greek
  • Sprinkled on:
    • baked potatoes
    • soups right before eating
    • eggs
Green Onions
I tried it a couple of years ago and really doubted that it would work, but it did! I recently started “growing” them again, except this time I bought more stalks so it looks substantial enough to put in the window alongside my other plants.

The tip is to make sure you cut the stalk all the way down to the white at the bottom or the stalk just dries up like the stalk in the lower right picture below. I also put an elastic loosely around my two bunches to keep my stalks more upright.
Green Onions 2
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