Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Gary and I came across some interesting finds when we went to the 3 Goodwill stores for Friday Fever. I saw some great furniture, but it was all either sold already or way too big to fit into the car. I also ran into my cousin's wife, Annafel, who just recently started a blog called The Lewis Family Values. Check it out! She actually reads my blog, which makes me happy because I'm pretty sure my parents and siblings don't :P (Dear family, to prove me wrong, feel free to comment on this post!)

I looked at these lamps for long time and thought about spray painting them, but ultimately walked away because 1. I don't need any more lamps and 2. I don't want to buy lamp shades.

I was really drawn to this clay meat loaf pan. It says "Northern Clay Works" on it and it was WAY bigger than any pan I'd use to make meatloaf, but I thought it would make a super cute planter for herbs. I stared at this for a long time too, but it was more expensive than I'd like so I walked away. I'm sad I didn't get it, but Riley eats all of my plants anyway. Maybe I should've bought it and filled it with cat grass...

If cat grass gets cats high like catnip does, I need to get some for Riley! She's hilarious after eating the stuff. If you've never seen a cat eat catnap, watch this video - if you only have a couple seconds to watch, skip to 1:03 to see a super stoned cat lol

Now on to the (more) random sightings:

This was absolutely the weirdest mirror I've ever seen. So obviously we got a picture of Gary holding it while I'm being reflected back. We're dorks. I know.

 I burst out laughing when I saw this plate. Doesn't  it look like Lady Gaga!?

Now on to my actual purchases! 
I found these two frames and took home the one on the right. It is perfectly sized for my Ork poster of Toronto and it cost me...$5!

I also got this drying rack. Kevin does the dishes and has said several times he'd like a 2-level drying rack. I've seen them in stores before, but they're around $50! Madness!! I picked up this rusty bad-boy for $3 - gave him a good scrub with soap, and then wiped down the rusty areas with some CLR and now it's good as new :-)

This was our old drying rack, which I accidentally melted when I had the two stove burners closest to it on high :-(   Syonara! 

Last but not least, I bought this cake stand...for $3!! I keep reading tutorials for making cake stands (plate+candlestick+epoxy glue), but while they're really cute, plates have lips and I wanted my cake stand to be flat. I was too cheap to buy a new one considering I'll probably only use it a couple times a year, so this GW find made me very happy! I'm hoping to make a bake this weekend so I can put it to use :-)


Have you scored any Goodwill deals lately? I love hearing about bargains!

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