Monday, July 25, 2011

Spotted at Utopia

I can't believe I forgot to post about this before now...

A couple weeks ago I was having dinner at Utopia with some friends when in walked a woman. She looked familiar, but it took me a moment to place her. Once her family walked in, the light bulb went off and I said to my friends, "That's Erin McLaughlin!"

They both looked at me like this...
So I said, "Erin McLaughlin...The editor-in-chief of Style at Home magazine...?"

Continued stares

Oh well. When we got home I Googled the above picture of her and her hubby and they said, "Ohhh! Yeah, that was definitely her!" I think they thought I was loony in the restaurant, but I'm good with faces! It might take me a minute, but I can almost always place a face.

Have you ever spotted someone (a celebrity or someone quasi-famous) where it's taken you a minute to realize who you're looking at?

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