Friday, November 4, 2011

Photography Challenge - Day 2: What You Wore Today

This is what I wore to work today - a gray short sleeved cowl neck sweater dress with a thick belt around my waist. My coworker Shannon has a very similar dress and we usually end up wearing it on the same day. My clothes are so generic so I'm sure I always look like someone.

I don't accessorize and most of my clothes are gray, so I've been told I'm a bit of a boring dresser lol My sister works in a library and jokes that if my wardrobe is any indication, people would think I'm  the librarian in the family. Michelle dresses in all kinds of bright dresses and crazy high heels when she goes to work!

Here are the photo stats if you're interested:
Exposure 1/45
Aperture 4.81
F Number f/5.3
(I sharpened and slightly brightened in Picasa)

P.S. You might be thinking this is too short for work...I sometimes think that too, but my work is so casual! This is quite dressy next to a lot of other people there. I once saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with a picture of an empty pack of beer that said, "I used to have a 6-pack"!! No joke

P.P.S What I didn't wear to work today was makeup! I'm the kind of girl who wears makeup every. single. day. (powder, blush, mascara at the very least) and on a whim this week I thought I'd see how it would feel to go without. The verdict: It's kinda nice! I only felt bare faced for the first 2 days. I actually had 2 people tell me I look different, but in the general "Did you do something different...?" kind of way, not the "You look tired today" kind of way.

Are you an everyday makeup wearer? Or do you prefer to go au natural?

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