Friday, November 11, 2011

Toronto Zoo

On Saturday, I went to the zoo with Kevin, Michelle and Deric. We bought a few group deal coupons a few weeks ago so the admission price was $10 each instead of $23, plus parking was free! A word to the wise, I'm posting almost entirely pictures of cute animals in this post

My family loves all of the BBC animal documentaries - Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Life of Birds, Life of Mammals, etc - and we've been watching them non-stop over the past month or so. As we were about to enter the zoo, Deric said, "I feel like Planet Earth was the trailer and now we're about to go see the movie!" So true!

This poor guy fell out of the nest as a baby and broke his wing in three places so he can no longer fly :( They made his living area all low and close together so he can jump from branch to branch

Rhino! When this guy turned around and we saw his saggy skinned bum, Kevin said to me, "That's what your bum is gonna look like when you're old" to which I replied, "Joke's on you! My bum already looks like that!"
 This orangutan mother was hiding from her son in this tarp. Very cute. 
We saw lots of animals lounging in the sun...

These animals that were looking right at me! And I just have to say this jaguar is beautiful. Stunning.

Parents and babies...

I grew up loving elephants. They're so majestic! And when you're learning your letters, they always say, "E is for Elephant" and obviously E, being the first letter of my name, is my favourite letter....
 My sis and Deric looking very celebrity-like with those glasses. And me and Kevin next
 I had to chase this peacock down for this shot. I love the colours!
 This cheetah was in the middle of dinner. He's the fastest runner in the world, but over long distances the pronghorn (from the prairies in Canada!!) can run faster. 
As soon as the zoo staffer pulled out the fish to feed the penguins, this seagull swooped down and stole a couple of fish right out of the penguins mouths!
We all loved watching this polar bear. I think he was the most playful animal we saw. He went nuts over that blue ball. 

Group shot! I got to use my tripod for this one :) And we got the tiger in the background!
 I'm smiling in this shot, but I'm thinking, "Please, please, please don't bite my fingers off...."
And finally, Kevin posing strategically so it looks like he's balancing the world on his finger. Yes, we're geeks like that!

Have you been to the zoo lately? I have to say, going in the late fall is the best! We lucked out with some really great weather, not a cloud in the sky. It's less busy when it's cooler and I think it probably smells a lot less when compared to coming in the height of summer when it's 30+ degrees Celsius (86F)! 

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