Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Need Help With My Oven

What a great post title, eh? But seriously, I don’t know how to work my old school analog oven. I’m pretty sure it’s older than me. I asked my landlord for help, but she’s the same age as me (re: also younger than the oven).

So in my desperate plea for help, I’ve uploaded some pictures. Maybe one of you grew up with one of these and knows how to use it! To be specific, I mostly can turn it on, but don’t know how to keep it on. I’ve set the clock and know how to use the timer, but it’s the two buttons on the right in the raised rectangle (close up below) that are messing me up I think. I also tried to find a manual/use guide online, but I’m pretty sure this oven is older than the internet too.IMG_1529

Here are the dials up close. The two buttons on the right – what the heck are those for??IMG_1535

Here are the “instructions” when I flip open the top of the oven. IMG_1531IMG_1532

I have salmon in there right now and the oven just turned off… argh. I keep having to check the light to make sure it’s still on.. and right now it’s off again. Soo frustrating!

Please help!

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