Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fridge Door Switcheroo

I’m finally (mostly) moved into my apartment. There have been a few hiccups because the place was newly renovated by the brand new owners so I’m the first tenant, but things are coming along now.

One issue was the fridge door. The fridge is in the left corner and fridge door opens from the left side…not very functional.


I was lucky enough to have Monday off, so I took the opportunity to switch the doors so they open from the right instead of the left. I’m also lucky enough to have a Dad who gives me tools at Christmas, so I had everything necessary to make this switcheroo happen… a ratchet set and a drill were my main tools of choice here.


So with my drill and ratchet set in hand, I removed all of the bits and bobs…Fridge Door Switcheroo

Until I ended up with this… Fridge and freezer doors on the floor and my fridge (still full of food) and freezer (full of frozen veggies and booze) sittin’ naked. In hindsight, I maybe should have emptied the fridge/freezer before starting, especially considering I had to stack the fridge on a pile of books to get to the screws on the bottom… but meh! Nothing fell out, no food spilled… all’s good in the neighbourhood.


After removing the doors, I removed the handles and switched them to the right side. Following that, I reattached the doors. All in all, it took me about 40 minutes. Not bad I’d say. Here’s my new functional fridge doors!SDC11285

Have you ever switched the opening on your fridge/freezer doors? Apparently you can’t switch all doors, so I’m happy these doors are reversible!

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