Thursday, March 29, 2012

I’m Moving!!

This has been a long time coming. Over the past 7 months I have been living like a transient bum…mostly at Kevin’s parents’ house, somewhat in my car, and infrequently at my parents’ house (it’s mostly just the place I stored my things). The last 7 months have been rough, to say the least. When I posted about our landlord selling our house, leaving us strapped, and causing us to temporarily move back to our parents house, the comments spoke volumes lol.

Shannon's Comment on Moving

Gary and Janice's Comments on Moving

But did I listen?.. well yeaaah, but I was kind of in a jam and I was stupidly naive that the condo completion date wasn’t going to be crazy delayed… which it HAS

The last 7 months have honestly been the most stressful in my life! There’s no break from the stress. I like stability and control, and my desire for those things grew exponentially in the time that Kevin and I lived together…control for things like food, noises, temperature. Basically I’ve just realized that in the almost 10 years that I’ve been away from home (summer breaks from university excluded), I’ve become a person who really doesn’t play well with others (cohabitation-wise) because I have LOW TOLERANCE for things that annoy me, which is mostly noises…

  • loud talking
  • TVs and radios on ALL THE TIME
  • chewing noises… oh dear gawd, the chewing noises!! AHHHH!!!!!
  • and temperature control was a big issue. It was regularly 14C in my room in the winter, hence my desire to spend almost all my time at Kevin’s parents’ house.

So, the point is I found a place to live. It’s close to my work, the rent is very close to what we paid before, the lease is flexible, it includes digital cable, hi-speed internet, and parking, and I can have my cat there! The landlord full-on wrote NO PETS in capital letters on her ad for the apartment, but I still went to check it out. I got a feeling my future landlord liked me so I spilled the beans and said I could only live there if I could bring my cat. She made a face and was like, “sigh…. fine”. Yippee!!

Unfortunately I’ve been pretty sick over the last couple weeks with intense abdominal pain – my doctor thinks I have kidney stones, which has led to several nightmares – so moving is gonna SUCK… I didn’t think it could really suck less, as evidenced here, but I was wrong.. so wrong.

So if you got this far in my rambling post, the moral of the story is DON’T MOVE BACK HOME!! The strain on my relationship with my parents was not worth it. I didn’t save any more money than I did when we were at our apartment because I had to get a car and it ain’t cheap. And I felt like a loser for living at home in my twenties.

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