Friday, March 9, 2012

Style at Home - April Roundup

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Cover April 2012
The April issue of Style at Home was filled with colour. I guess the closer we get to spring, the more we want to bust out with some colour in our lives. I was looking for some kind of trend in the colour scheme, but it seems anything goes, as long as it’s bright.Colour Collage
Fellow Canadian blogger, Tim Lam, had his condo featured this month. Congrats! His home is full of colour so the S@H team definitely chose a fitting space for this issue. One of my favourite things is getting a sneak peak into Toronto condos. I love to see how other people configure their space.
Tim - Design Maze - Apartment Feature
The Rule of 3: This is so true! Whenever I place two items together, it doesn’t look like enough; four items looks, well, square; and 5 items is just too much. I ended up pairing down my mini bathroom makeover to just include 3 of the 5 items I originally put on the cabinet and it looks a lot better.
The Rule of 3
The moulded-plastic Eames chair with the Eiffel base (and all its knockoff versions) is something I’m always drawn to. I really like the look of the seat in white. It would be so low maintenance – just a wipe down every now and again and you’re good to go! I wonder how comfortable they are… Anyone know?
Eames Moulded-Plastic Sidechair with Eiffel base

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