Monday, March 19, 2012

Bryan Baeumler and the National Home Show

My mom scored us some half price tickets to the National Home Show, so we headed down that way on Saturday. She and I went together last year too, and the condo felt SO far away at that point. I thought then by March this year that the condo would be just around the corner.... Well it's still kind of far away, but hey, what can you do? At least this gives us more time to save.

I focused mostly on checking out vendors for flooring, counters, and closet organization systems. 

These are the prices we were quoted for upgrades from the builder:
FLOORING (for everywhere except bathrooms and kitchen)
$3062: laminate
$4478: oak engineered hardwood

COUNTER (kitchen)
$2100: granite
$2500: Caesarstone

I'm not sure how much lower we could get the prices, but if we source outside the builder we'll definitely have more choices. Even just with very casual shopping around we found a price for engineered hardwood that was $1000 cheaper - that included removing the existing flooring, installation, thresholds and quarter rounds for the baseboards... not too shabby if you ask me.  

I haven't looked too closely into pricing for granite or quartz yet.

Does anyone have any recommendations for flooring or granite suppliers/installers??

On to the National Home Show... as soon as we walked in, we heard someone was presenting so we went to check it out. Turns out it was Bryan Baeumler! He had just started presenting so we stuck around to watch the whole thing. He's a great speaker and gave the crowd some good tips for renovating and finding reputable contractors...some tips went right into my back pocket - saving those for later! I've always thought he was cute on Disaster DIY (his HGTV show) and Saturday confirmed it hehe

Here are some pictures (from my iPhone) of Bryan and other stuff from the Home Show:

What did you get up to this weekend?

And if you have any recommendations for flooring/counter suppliers, please let me know!

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