Thursday, June 2, 2011

Doors Open Toronto

I feel like most Torontonians know about Doors Open Toronto, but if you're not from here, or are and just haven't heard about it, here`s some background: It's an event that occurs one weekend a year, when roughly 150 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and social significance open their doors to the public. A lot of the locations have guided tours, displays or activities for the visitors.

That`s what I got up to on Saturday and here are some pictures from the day. I've been practicing my photography skills. I'm very amateur, but Im playing around with the functions trying to see what does what. In case you're wondering, my camera is a Samsung WB550 (it's a point and shoot - nothing fancy!)

Here are some nature-y shots - flowers, trees, that kinda stuff...

This tree had silver round ornaments in it! So pretty

Here's a close up of one of the ornaments

This house looked like it belonged in The Hobbit - it's like a mini castle with the circular section.. I love the round porch and little round window in the next photo. 

I love that these lawns are grass-free. Shrubs, plants and trees are so much lower maintenance. The root systems are usually stronger, therefore less weeds! And much more beautiful than plain old grass.

Overcast at the beach (Ashbridge's Bay)

This clock was made of teacups! It immediately made me think of Alice in Wonderland

Cool mural. It's got the Queen St E fire station and the Jazz festival in it :-)

You gotta love a red door!

This reminded me of the Leslieville mural

My sis and me at the CAMH wall (built in the 1800's by unpaid patients & it's still standing!)

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  1. :-D you guys look so much alike! I had to think for a sec to figure out which one is which


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