Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stripe Mania - Bloggers Wearing Stripes

Holly Becker, over at Decor8, is hosting a virtual Stripe Mania party. What a good idea!

I always feel awkward taking pictures for a known purpose (driver's licence, passport...ugh!), but at least I was able to incorporate a cute striped red and white dress in my photo :-) Stripes are my weakness when it comes to clothes!

I know I didn't get particularly creative with accessories.. I'm kind of a plain Emily-Jane when it comes to jewelery. But if you look in the back of the photo to the right (on the coffee table) you can see the cabinet door I was working on. I was checking out the smooth finish right before taking this photo :P


  1. I *love* this photo of you! So pretty!

  2. @ThisTinder

    Thank you! This was actually the first one I took lol They got progressively more awkward looking so I stopped after 6 :P


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