Friday, September 30, 2011

New Bedroom Layout

My new bedroom is an en-suite with a walk-in closet. I'm happy (and lucky) that my parents have a spare en-suite bedroom at their house. This room used to house all of the workout equipment before I moved back. Here's the layout of the room. 

The big set of windows face west so I get a lot of afternoon light (and heat). The room is above the garage so I can hear the door opening and closing, but I leave at least half an hour before anyone else in my house (6:30am!) during the week so it doesn't bother me at all. 

Because the south side of my room (where the bed is) is a bigger area, I initially thought I'd make that side the "living room" area and have my bed on the north side (where the desk and TV are), but that layout didn't work at all. I have the Ikea Brimnes bed and wanted to put the head of the bed against the wall where the closet (labelled "storage") is, but then I couldn't open up the drawers on one side. I tried to put the head of the bed against the small window, but then I didn't like that people could see my legs when I was in bed (the bedroom has a French door with no cover whatsoever). Ultimately the bed ended up where you see it in this layout. I'm not sure if it's gonna stay there though. I'm always rearranging. What do you think? Would you have laid out the room differently if you were me? 

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