Thursday, September 15, 2011

Settling In

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy around here. First there was the move, then I was helping with my future sister-in-law's bachelorette party and then there was bronchitis. Ugh. I was actually quite sick by the time the bachelorette party came (I didn't know how sick I was yet), but I bulled through it and my symptoms hit me a lot harder the following day (Yes, there was drinking. No it didn't help lol). I've got some meds going now so I'm hoping for a speedy recovery because I know how annoyed everyone is with my coughing. Sorry!

Back to settling in... I'm not. But I'm almost there. All of the big stuff (re: furniture) is in place, but I just have so much random stuff that is still sitting on the floor in my room. I still need to find places for it all. It's funny being back at home. I feel like I never even left. I feel like the two years Kevin and I lived together never happened. Is that weird? 

Also, I thought I'd have more free time, but I have so much less! At the apartment, my usual evening schedule was:
4pm get home from work, go straight to the computer, do blogging stuff
6:15pm hurriedly clean up any mess I made before Kevin gets home
6:30pm Kevin gets home, I talk his ear off, we eat dinner, watch TV
10pm I'm passed out on the couch
10:30pm I drag my butt to bed

Now it's more like:
3:30pm get home, walk dog, get mail, play with other animals (5 cats), clean up a bit
5-6pm everyone gets home and I talk to them for a bit
7-11pm .... I have no idea where the time goes!

And this is a biggie:I haven't set up my computer yet. It's sitting on the desk unplugged. Maybe now that the bachelorette party is done and my things are almost all where they should be and I'm on the road to getting healthy again...maybe now I'll be able to get some kind of routine going. While I don't exactly make a schedule for things, it brings me comfort to have routine in my life. I need to get that back!

P.S. I checked MLS today and the house is still on the market

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