Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Condo News: Construction Update and Security System

Kevin and I attended a condo meeting recently. The meetings are held every 6-8 weeks to keep us informed of progress, which I appreciate. The main subject of this meeting was previewing the security systems, but they also had one of the construction managers in to talk about the progress on the construction of the building... A hot topic amongst all the buyers!
The security system (ADT) presentation was what I expected. I've never lived in a traditional high-rise building before, but all the information seemed pretty standard to me. The ADT representative (who looked like Jack Layton and seemed really nervous to talk in front a crowd) also talked about the access points in to and out of the parking garage. He said we're getting one key fob, which we can wave to enter the parking garage from outside, to enter the building from the parking garage and to enter the building from the street. I'm glad it's all on one device.
This is how the telephone entry system and fob key will be
The security guy also talked about the telephone entry (buzzer) system (pretty standard), fire alarms, elevator security, the CCTV system, and other general security around the building. While pretty much everything he had to say was pretty standard, I appreciate hearing it. I wouldn't say I'm a super secure person, but I've had someone break into my university apartment before and have had things stolen in supposedly "secure" places - plus my dad's a locksmith - so being aware of my security is something that makes me feel a bit safer. 

In all honestly, I didn't give a crap about security when compared to my desire to find out about progress time lines for the construction. I drove by the site a few weeks ago and even tweeted an Instagram photo. Let me tell you, it is woefully behind schedule. Figures. I know. These things never get completed on time. But it's still SO DISAPPOINTING!

The first delay was Consumers gas, then the hydro company, then there was a delay getting permits from the City of Toronto. Basically there have been delays at every turn. The dig-down for the 4 level underground parking is 14m deep, which requires a crazy number of 4ft wide cement columns for support...152 columns to be precise. They anticipate the dig-down will be completed by the end of March, then the foundation-laying can begin! 

I asked when they thought occupancy would be. It was originally early summer in 2012 and then it was later summer 2012. Now they're saying occupancy, starting from the ground up, will start in November, December 2012 to January 2013. Our unit is on the 10th floor of a 12-story building, so we're on the end of that time line. I feel like those goal dates are still pretty lofty, so Kevin and I could potentially still have a year or MORE before occupancy... We were told that we're going to get official notice (written) in April that outlines the delays and new anticipated move-in dates. 

The waiting game is painful... 

To not end this post on a dreary note, we were shown a demo video of the exterior and common spaces of the building. It was pretty awesome. I mean, I don't know necessarily that we're going to have that exact patio furniture, but it looked pretty swanky! They also showed us mood boards of the finishes and textiles for the common spaces and they looked great as well! That part of the meeting really got me excited about moving and helped me visualize things. Kevin and I are just chewing on the bit, ready for this place to be done already!

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Photos sources: key fob, intercom

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