Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Condo News: Our Floorplan!

Here is our condo floorplan! I thought it was high time I showed it to you. Our unit sold out pretty fast (there were only 3), so I had to scan a printout I had instead of grabbing the image from the online gallery... hence the lower quality photo. 

Here are some details!
  • It's 716 square feet - not huge, I know, but we're happy with it. It's 50% larger than our apartment and we were perfectly content there.
  • It has one bedroom, one den*, and one full bathroom (ensuite) and one half bathroom
  • It's a corner unit (south-east facing: ideal!)
  • It has a balcony - some units only had Juliet balconies, which is still something I guess, but we wanted some kind of step-out outdoor space.
  • We have one parking space and one locker
  • The two black circles are cement columns
  • The weird gap in the middle of our unit is where the stairs are...
  • We're on the tenth floor of a mid-sized building so we're not worried about "stair noise"
  • And it has TWO FULL WALLS of windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that pretty much sums it up. Any questions??

*condo developers in Toronto clearly VERY loosely define what is considered a den. To me, this is just a big(ger) living room and a not-so-sneaky way for developers to ask for more money!

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