Friday, February 24, 2012

New Computer and Windows Live Writer

A couple weeks ago, I reached my boiling point with my old computer. It’s refurbished (2006) and I’ve had it since my university laptop clunked out on me in Jan 2007… in the middle of my thesis no less! I bought this computer because it was the cheapest one at $400. I borrowed a keyboard, mouse and monitor from my parents for the rest of the term – I only had 4 months left of university anyway. In all honesty, it served me pretty well during our 5 years together, but I knew it was time for an upgrade when:
  • I’d turn it on then go eat breakfast because it takes that long to boot up
  • I’d wake up in the middle of the night because the fan would start whirring really loudly
  • I couldn’t upload all the necessary upgrades to install Windows Live Writer, which I keep hearing over and over again will change my blogging life for the better.
I called my brother, who is a whiz with computers, to ask for his advice on what computer to buy. He asked me my budget and told me if I could wait a few weeks, he could make me a custom computer. SWEET! He lives in Ottawa, hence the wait – my parents visited him for Family Day/his birthday so they brought it back with them. Daniel took pictures throughout the building process – check ‘em out!Install pics

I now have Windows 7 (smell ya later Vista!) and Windows Live Writer! I’ve been tinkering around with it a bit and so far so good… well I guess I should save my judgement until after this post gets published…

Does anyone else use WLW? Have any tips or suggestions?

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