Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Canadian House & Home - November Roundup

November's Canadian House & Home issue was the 25th Anniversary Issue and discussed the changing design trends from the 80's to now. Some of the images from the 80's were hilarious - very matchy matchy with lots of peaches, dusty roses, and baby blues....Yikes! Now it is much more current to mix and match separates.

Also, it looks like we're spending way more on renovations now than we did when the magazine was first launched in the mid-80's. I wonder where all that money was going before...

I was very surprised to learn that Toronto isn't the most condo saturated city in Canada. British Columbia has the top four condo saturated cities with Vancouver, Abbotsord, Kelowna and Victoria leading the pack. I can't even imagine a city that has more condos than Toronto...

I saw this ad for carpeting and I love it. I love neutral berber carpeting. I've been trying to convince Kevin that we should go the carpet route in the bedroom in the condo, because it's so much warmer and quieter (and less $$$!) I don't think he's quite sold on it yet.

Carpet One
The following images are from a show home in Calgary, Alberta that were designed by James McIntyre. I love his style! Simple lines, neutral colours, minimalist.... just my style

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