Thursday, October 6, 2011

French Door Cover Up

My new bedroom has a 15-panel French door...and the glass has no cover whatsoever, which is unfortunate because I pass by the door to do, oh just about everything.

Going to the bathroom = passing by the door
Going to the closet = passing by the door
Computer = door
Sitting on the couch = right in front of the door!

Refer back to my bedroom layout, you can see what I'm talking about...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a private person. I have no problem with my family seeing me in my skivvies. But on the other hand, my family is as nosy as me and I have more than one time passed by the door and been greeted with someone *coughMichelleandMomcough* pressed up to the door like this:

...or some derivative of this, and it has literally given me nightmares, so it's about high time I do something about covering up the scary faces creating some privacy.

I have a black-out roller blind from Ikea (I can't remember which one) that we used on the French door we had in our apartment, but I don't really want to put holes in this door. My interim solution is quite horrendous and involves a curtain thrown over the top of the door:

I love what Daniel from Manhattan Nest did on his set of French doors in his old apartment.

 I also checked around on Pinterest and saw this cool idea:


What do you think? Both are screw-less options and can be removed without causing damage to the door. Should I go the fabric route à la Daniel or should I put up a picture/map? Even as I type this, I think I'm leaning more towards the fabric route as it will still let in the light... But I'd still love to hear your opinions!

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