Saturday, May 7, 2011

Magazine Addiction

Hello, my name is Emily-Jane and I'm addicted to magazines...

YM Magazine was my go to magazine as a teenager. This issue specifically, YM March 1997, was the first magazine I ever bought. I had a serious addiction and owned HUNDREDS of magazine, which is saying a lot considering magazines only publish 10-12 copies a year! Over time, my taste in magazines has changed; I got really into Glamour and Self, both of which I still love, and Style at Home (I love reading Canadian decor/style magazines because the prices and sources are relevant). I have a subscription to S@H (thanks for a group buy website I got my subscription for 75% off :-), but the good news is you don't even need magazine subscriptions anymore because they offer most/all of the content online! Also, I like to stop by my local library a couple times a month and borrow the latest magazines. I don't know if they're all like this, but the library near my house has 1 week loans on all magazines, even brand new ones, so I take them out and usually renew once so I get them for 2 weeks.

This week, the new issue of Style at Home arrived in the mail. I love pouring over each page and making mental notes* of things I like. I think the reason why I love decor/style magazines so much is because I get to look inside people's homes. It satisfies the voyeur in me. That's probably why I spend so much time on MLS too, with no intention of buying anything :P

Anyway, here are some great pics from this month's issue of S@H:

love built-ins! These ones are beautiful and that chair is gorgeous. Even though I spend more time than I should at a computer, I love the idea of having a "non-computer chair" chair at my desk. Perks the place up a bit!

I have a feeling Riley would love this cat shelf.. too bad it's $150. As it is, we always catch her sleeping on the bookshelf. I could've sworn I had a picture somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

I'm such a fan of light, bright colours, especially around spring time. I love the mix of patterns on those cushions!

Apparently zigzags are making it big right now in the decor world. I like them when there isn't too much contrast and the zigzags are finer, like with the chair below. The super colourful rug in the bottom right corner immediately made me think of Sue the Napkin from Young House Love when I saw it. What do you guys think of this new trend?

On a final note, I hope everyone's having a good weekend and enjoying the fantastic weather in Toronto today! I went on a lovely walk through the city with some cool people and took some pretty pictures. I'll post 'em up shortly...

*Mental notes don't work for me.  Case in point: Each month, I make a "mental note" to buy a Metropass before the first of the month arrives. When the first of the month arrives, I almost always have to wake up my boyfriend and ask him if he has enough cash for me to buy a Metropass (doubtful, as it's $121...) or if he has a token for me to use. I even keep about $100 hidden away for such emergencies and make a "mental note" to remember I tucked money away. Fifty percent of the time, I forget I put it there. The other fifty percent, I remember all too well that I have money in the house and I spend it... womp womp.

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  1. YM! I used to love those too! Nowadays, I'm too cheap to buy magazines (esp. considering you can burn through them so fast) so I just borrow them from the library which is a convenient 5 minute walk away :)

    I love that non-desk chair too! My problem is that I never feel a sense of permanency about my places so I hesitate to get nice things.


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