Monday, September 19, 2011

French Door Headboard

The apartment we lived in had a solid wood bedroom door that didn't let the evening light into the rest of the apartment (the window was west facing) so I found a French door on Craigslist and had my dad and Kevin install it. It brought in so much light and made a world of difference.

When we moved, I replaced the French door with the original door so that I could take the French door home with me. I knew I wouldn't be able to install it anywhere else as a door (its dimensions are non-standard and we had to cut a quarter inch off of one side at the top to get it in the frame at the apartment), but I still wanted to use it in some capacity.

Enter Pinterest.

I love searching for inspiration on Pinterest!

I found these French door to headboard designs that look pretty cool.

I love this one because it's symmetrical, whereas most of the ones I saw weren't. Most French doors have a bigger wooden panel at the bottom and the door knobs aren't installed exactly in the middle. This is something that can easily be fixed with a wood circle insert and some wood filler (for the handle) and a circular saw (to remove the longer wooden edge), but I guess some people want to keep the entire length of the door.

I love the idea of this one! Installing a light where the door knob was - ingenious! But as you can see here, this headboard is asymmetrical....argh!

While searching around on Pinterest, I also found this DIY headboard that would be pretty awesome to make! I love the built-in lighting and built-in bedside shelves.
They would work great with the Brimnes bed we have from Ikea. While the bed is great for storage, having the two large drawers on either side of the bed means we can't have traditional beside tables because they would impede the opening and closing of the drawers.
I also really like how the bed looks with the corresponding headboard from Ikea, but I don't think I like the placement of the chest. It would need to be a good 10 inches away from the bed for the drawer to open properly and I don't think I have the space to add a 20 inch clearance on either side of my bed.
What headboard and/or bedside shelf choices would you pursue if you were me?... I need advice!

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