Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends

In the month leading up to my and Kevin's move, I contacted everyone (re: magazine, bill and bank people) to let them know of my change of address. I didn't realize how many companies I'd have to contact to change my address - it was actually pretty ridiculous. I made a list of company names as they came to mind and checked them off my list once I gave them the new address. I checked the Canada Post to do the mail forwarding thing. Silly me, I thought it was free LOL. It's like $40! 

Yeahhh....I'm cheap and figured I wouldn't lose any money by not forwarding the mail, so I didn't do it.

Then a few weeks ago my camera charger broke (hence my lack of posts - lack of photos!) so I bought a new one off EBay from an e-store in Hong Kong. Once I checked out, I realized I still had my old address in the EBay system...Drats!!!!! I emailed the seller immediately to let them know my address had changed but I never heard back from them. 

I texted my old landlord a couple times asking him if we had any mail at the house. I got no response. So Kevin texted him and he replied saying he was backpacking around Asia for a few weeks! Kevin got another text from him today saying there was some mail and he'd put it in the porch for us to pick up. I went down today and found TWO MORE companies with whom I still hadn't changed my address. They've been added to the list now so I'll remember them next time. 

Anyway, I was wondering if my charger was gonna get sent to our old house or new house. The distance between the two isn't super far (about 25 km), but it's a hassle to drive down there just to do one thing. Lo and behold, it arrived today in the mail!! :-D

So I've been busy today starting and photographing my next few projects! And I can finally continue doing my 30-Day Photography Challenge. I only did one photo before my charger broke lol. 

Lots of things to share coming soon!

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