Tuesday, June 14, 2011

St Lawrence Market

Every other month or so, my friend Gary and I will take an early Saturday morning trip to St Lawrence Market together. We went there this past Saturday to grab (a very unhealthy) breakfast and to pick up some meat and cheese. I try to get at least one month's worth of meat from the butcher in one trip. The one I go to, White House Meats, freezer packs any meats you want, so it's super convenient. 

Here are some pictures from our trip:

This is a pasta-cutting machine - you can see the fusilli on the board.

I don't wanna say Gary ran to get a peameal bacon sandwich... but he pretty much ran. He had blinders on for that place! He's the one standing just to the left of the stand that says "Breakfast on a Bun"

Here was his sandwich. I don't eat bacon, but if I did I think I would've had to try a piece. The whole market smelled uh-mazing! I wish I could make the next pictures scratch-n-sniff 

My "breakfast" consisted of this olive, feta cheese and spinach bureka (to the left).... and 1/2 of this strawberry and cheese danish. I twisted Gary's rubber arm and he ate the other half. 

We passed by this cute little stand, called Lemon Tree. The woman was selling macarons and cupcakes. I'd never had a macaron before so Gary bought me one

 They were all so delicious looking, but Gary and I both settled on... 

 Pistachio! SO DELICIOUS!

 Cheese and Pate


 Gary and me as we headed on home :-)


  1. I love your posts about little day trips :) I buy meat from an organic grocery delivery service here in Van (they get it from a few local small farms). I don't usually get meat when I go to restaurants because I feel so bad about how the animals are treated, but I make an exception for bacon, it's sooo good!

  2. @ThisTinder

    :-) everybody makes an exception for bacon!

  3. I LOVE the peameal on a bun from that place! SO delicious!

    If you eat pasta and haven't tried that homemade pasta place - you must. It is so delicious. The tri-colour sauce is outstanding with a bit of a kick to it.


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