Thursday, June 9, 2011

Library Loot

Lookie what I got from the library this week...

Magazines!! I got the March issue of Marie Claire too, but couldn't find it for this photo. I subscribe to Style at Home so that's not from the library and the Structube thing is a flyer. And yes, I read smut like Us Weekly.

I usually love S@H, but this month there wasn't really much that caught my eye. Here are the few things I thought looked interesting from the July 2011 issue:

This yard looks fantastic! I might be slightly biased because I completely love love love cherries and pretty much anything red, but this yard has some fantastic elements... the shrubs, the vine wall, the seating and ottoman, the lamp, the carpet, the beautiful side table, the fence, the (cardboard?) deer on the fence. All good. Two thumbs up.

This bedroom looks so calm and serene. I love how it's all in neutral with the pop of apple green in the pillows and flowers on the bedside table. This is exactly how I think bedrooms should be.

And of course, with it being the July issue (which is the month of Canada's birthday - July 1st to be exact) they had to incorporate some Canadian goods. Canada is wicked! We've got totem tea cups for crying out loud! Doesn't get more bad ass than that.

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