Monday, May 30, 2011

Bathroom Inspiration

Whenever I come across inspiring home images I like to save them. Magazine pages get dog-eared or just straight up torn out; web images get saved in a folder (although I've recently been introduced to Pinterest and will be testing that out). If you looked at my collection of inspirational pictures I don't think you'd be able to summarize my style of decor into one category... except when it comes to bathrooms. All the pictures I like look the same!

  • Light coloured tile floors 
  • Double marble vanity (ideally) with under mounted sinks
  • Light, neutral colour palette
  • Some glossy, sparkly, reflective, shiny elements (lighting fixtures, mirror, faucets, hardware, etc)

I recently read an article on Apartment Therapy, titled 5 Qualities of Luxurious Bathrooms, which were space, light, texture, materials, and detail. Some of the points that resonated with me, as a renter, were:

  • Create the appearance of more space by removing visual clutter, choosing a monochromatic color palette, and using a few additional luxurious qualities.
  • Like space, light is a commodity that can be in short supply, and its abundance in the bathroom is a luxury. If you're lucky enough to have large windows and no close neighbors, consider going bare.  
  • Something as simple as a tray with a candle, a book and some tea, a chandelier or pretty decorative storage can elevate a space.

Here are a few bathrooms from my inspiration folder...

I love this vanity (although I wish it had an undermounted sink..) and the mix of tile on the walls. 

The floor tiles are ceramic hex and the wall tiles are Carrara subway tiles. Very classic look. The chandelier is unexpected and adds a lil' glamour to the place. 

I love the contrast between the dark paint and light wainscoting. The polished faucets, marble counter and tray in the middle are all nice touches.

I love how light and airy this bathroom is! I see at least 2 windows here, so that definitely helps to achieve that feeling. The wall and floor tiles are gorgeous, as is the counter. And notice that they have a tray on the vanity as well.

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  1. I like the second photo the best! I need to figure out how to change light fixtures....really want to find an old chandelier and fix it up.

    Let me know how Pinterest goes, I keep avoiding it but feel it's only a matter of time until I succumb. Right now I just save inspiration photos in a folder on my laptop.


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