Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Refreshed Window Frame

Projects lead to more projects, renovations lead to more renovations. After painting the medicine cabinet, I decided to paint the window frame. I knew it would really brighten up the place if they were both white. And now that I've painted the frame, I want to paint the rest of the trim and the door in there too!

Currently the trim and door are the same colour as the "before" picture of the window frame, which is just a yucky beigey-green colour. Seriously, that was the colour of ALL of the trim in our apartment when we moved in... The living room and bedroom now have white trim (done some time last year) and the bathroom is next on my hit list.

Before painting, I sanded down the frame. Some areas were really rough so I had to sand them quite a bit so the finish would be smooth after painting. After sanding, I wiped down the whole frame with a damp cloth. I also cleaned the rails that the window slides on and the windows themselves. To clean the rails I mixed 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and added a few drops of dish detergent. I poured a bit of the water straight onto the rails, used a bunch of Q-tips to scrub the dirt free, and then used the cloth to wipe up the water. Note: don't use a nice cloth because it will get DIRRRRTY.

Once everything was all nice and clean, I was ready to start painting. I painted three coats of semi-gloss paint in a colour called White High Hiding. Here are some before and after shots:

My friend, Gary, said the before and after picture of the medicine cabinet "look exactly the same"... so hopefully he thinks these before and after shots are more satisfactory :-P

And here's a painful "after" shot of my finger.. I pinched it when I put the lid back on the paint can and gave myself a blood blister :(


  1. Yes, these before/after pics are sufficiently different that one as ignorant as myself would notice the difference :-P

  2. Great job!!

    PS you should add the google friend connect to your blog so people can easily follow you :-)

  3. @LifeBegins@Thirty


    I'm still trying to configure this blog, but you're right about Google Friend Connect! I just added it.


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