Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

I bought an interesting looking cabinet from Craigslist a few weeks ago with the goal of refinishing it. My first attempt (although honestly, I didn't think I'd need more than one attempt...) didn't exactly go as planned. I've only spray painted the lattice door so far, but unfortunately the paint didn't dry well at all! I didn't use primer before painting it and I think that was the issue. I spent about an hour yesterday sanding the door back down smooth and I'm gonna start again with a coat of primer or two before I start painting.

Once the cabinet is done, I'll post up some before and after pics and explain my process, mistakes included!

Stay tuned...


  1. I *hate* priming! So I just don't do it. What's the cabinet made out of? I'm about to spray paint me some metal chairs (patio set) but I debate about priming or not...I think I'll just lightly sand then paint. The can says for metal so...

  2. @ThisTinder

    I used to think priming was an unnecessary first step because most higher quality spray paints (Krylon, Rustoleum) say you don't need it and they can adhere to most surfaces. But then I used primer for the first time (when doing the medicine cabinet I think) and it made the paint go on so much smoooooother and hopefully it's more durable now too


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