Friday, May 13, 2011

I've Gone Bananas For Fruit!

(This is a repost of Wednesday's post, which mysteriously disappeared due to a Blogspot bug)

Pun intended... yes, I'm lame like that. What can I say? It's my Hump Day humour kickin' in :-)

We haven't had any fruit in our place for several days, which is very unlike me. I'm a lover of almost all fruits and veggies. They're just. so. gooood.

A few months ago, I painted a wooden platter/bowl thing that I bought from Bouclair eons ago. It was stained an espresso-ish colour, but I spray painted it. Before spray painting, I cut out little petals with tape and stuck them to the wood in a flower pattern so that when it dried I could remove the tape would still be able to see the dark stain underneath. I used this scented oil burner as my inspiration for the flower shape

The edges of the petals aren't super clean (the paint bled underneath a little bit), but overall, I was definitely happy with it. We already have a dark kitchen table, so by jazzing up the wood a bit, it helped the platter stand out from the wood of the table. Here are zoomed out and close-up shots.

 So, back to my lack-of-fruit dilemma: I pass by a fruit and veggie market every day on my way home from the subway station. Their prices are really good, so I stopped in and loaded up! Incidentally, there are no bananas in my fruit dish...I keep them on a banana-hanger thing. I like my fruits to be displayed in an organized fashion, not just haphazardly thrown into the dish. I reorganize every few days to make sure it stays as presentable as possible. If I can make it symmetrical, all the better! Here are some pics of my OCD displayed fruit dish :-) 

A full fruit dish looks good, brightens up my kitchen, and brightens up my day!

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