Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Riley's Bathroom Update

When I first adopted Riley, I bought her a kitty litter "house". It has a enclosed lid with a flap door. It gives her a bit of privacy (not that she cares, I'm sure) and it keeps potential odours at bay. I chose the litter "house" in red because it's my favourite colour, but I've grown tired of it. As I was in the midst of painting our bathroom, I thought I'd quickly give hers an update as well.

The top is gray, so I just left it as is. I took off the bottom and quickly sanded it before giving it a coat of spray primer. I very lightly sanded the surface after the primer dried, and then sprayed a coat of white glossy paint. I lightly sanded after that coat too, and then sprayed 2 more coats of white. I didn't paint the inside because 1. it's not visible and 2. I don't want to risk Riley ingesting the paint.

Here are the pics:


  1. Did Riley notice anything was different? The other day, I pinned fabric to my ceiling to cover the ol' boob lights and Jax was totally freaked out, he knew something was different but he didn't know what hahah ... that was more a depth of light issue than a color issue though...silly cats, make me laugh :)

  2. lol yeah, sometimes Riley freaks out over the weirdest things, but she didn't seem to notice anything different about the litter bin.


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