Thursday, February 2, 2012

Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup 2012

On Saturday, I attended the 2012 Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup, which took place at the Brassaii Restaurant and Lounge in Toronto and was organized by the wonderful Vie of Verdigris Vie and Daniella of Daniella Marie.

I had an awesome time. I love this event because it's a relaxed atmosphere and really gives us a chance to talk with and hang out with our fellow bloggers. I got  to meet a few new faces, which was awesome. From this meetup, I found some awesome (new to me) bloggers to follow and have added some people to my Twitter account. It's funny, part of me wants to walk right up to the bloggers I've talked with online (but haven't met yet), and part of me wants to hang back and not be so enthusiastic so I don't look crazy. I feel like I already know a lot of them through their blogs and the back and forth we have in the comments and emails. I love the Canadian blogging community! It's awesome! 

At this event, we had some fantastic guest speakers:

Lisa Murphy, an online director at House and Home;
Cameron MacNeil, a senior design editor at House and Home; 
Cassandra Lavalle from the blog coco+kelley;
and surprise guest, Brian Gluckstein from Gluckstein Design.

I had a bit of a hard time hearing, but took some notes from Cassandra's presentation. Some of the messages were reiterations from BlogPodium, but I appreciate hearing them again. It helps to drill them into my head!
  • Have a professional looking blog and a consistent and cohesive brand. 
  • Actively seek connections with established bloggers. If you want to guest post on another blog, pitch your specific idea and why you think it would be good on this person's blog.
  • Attend industry events
  • Create an editorial calendar
  • Be true to your voice and style
  • Practice good blogging etiquette (good referencing is important!)
  • If you can't do something well on your blog, such as graphics, hire someone out until you learn how to do it
And finally, if you were unable to attend or are just curious about what goes on at these events, Len from Otima was filming and has put together a short clip. Check it out! It's just a teaser while he finishes the complete video, but it'll give you a feel for what we bloggers get up to after a few glasses of wine... just kidding!

Thanks to Vie and Daniella for putting together another amazing event! 

Here are my posts to my previous blogger meetups:

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