Thursday, February 16, 2012

Canadian House & Home - March Roundup

The March issue of Canadian House & Home is all about COLOUR...something I always struggle with. I'm such a grey and beige lover. This issue definitely helped me see why I should get out of my neutral comfort zone and into the world of kaleidoscope colours!

I read through the March issue about three times.. and every single time I looked at Ferm Living's peacock pillow I thought, "Neapolitan ice cream", which of course makes me want this pillow! Anyone else see Neapolitan? No? Alright then, moving on...

I've mentioned before how much I love grasscloth. It's so purrrdy and textured.. what's not to love? It's usually a material one sees in very neutral colours and understandably so, as the texture alone has enough impact. But check out these lovelies here: red, pink, purple grasscloth! I especially love the purple Ansai Sisal one through Design by Colour. It is by far the least expensive so my inner grasscloth lover must be a frugalista! By the way, that capri teardrop lamp by Jonathan Adler ain't too shabby either. I'm really digging the proportions and the smooth base. 

While I'm more a fan of white textured bed linens, I had to post these duvet covers and quilts. They're so pretty! I'm a sucker for stripes so my top pick is the preppy navy and white striped duvet cover from West Elm. Which one do you like best? 

This home is a tall Victorian semi in central Toronto and it used to house a boys' school. Currently, it is the home of Alexandra Bennett her husband, Brian Moore, and their family. I looked at this picture over and over because I knew there were elements of it that were great, but it took me a few look-throughs to pinpoint them all. First up, is the painting - that's easy. It's beautiful. Looks like a peony to me and was painted by Vancouver artist, Bobby Burgers. Second up, the blue door. Look how TALL it is! Victorian's generally have taller ceilings, but that door is a masterpiece. Stunning. Third up, the beautiful thick white trim and baseboards. Those baseboards are practically knee-high on their daughter! Very luxe. Also, I need this quote by Alexendra to remind me to use colour a bit more: "It's only paint. It can be changed"
Photography by Virginia MacDonald

You know I love a good DIY. Everybody loves a good DIY, right? Well, this DIY here is canvas material that was hand painted with water paints in a chevron pattern, then stitched into a roman shade. Love! Great idea. I love the soft colours. Someone needs to try this out. That someone would be me if I had a window to cover!
Photography by Michael Graydon

How do you feel about colour? Do you splash it all over your house like Alexandra or do you use it more sparingly? Maybe you're like me and you barely use it at all (grey and beige are colours too dagnabbit!) 

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