Friday, February 3, 2012

Resolution Check-in: January

January came and went in a whirlwind, so I thought I would take some time at the end of this month (and each month) to see how my resolutions are coming along. I've done okay so far, but it'll definitely help to do a once-a-month check in. Feel free to share your progress with me too!


1. Stop swearing
This has been an epic fail. I'm definitely more aware of my cursing and inwardly wince when I hear myself cursing, so that's an improvement, right? Even if my actual swear count hasn't gone down...
Goal achieved? EPIC #%$&-ING FAIL!!

2. Improve my photography skills
Eeek, still off the bandwagon with my photography challenge. But not all is lost! I'm adding photography to my editorial calendar! I have hope that having it on my calendar will make me more accountable!
Goal acheived? Fail... womp womp

3. Learn Photoshop  
This one isn't a cop-out, I swear. I decided Photoshop is not for me because I found Picnik and had an amazing few weeks with it. I even spent the $20-something to upgrade to the Premium package. Then disaster hit. They're closing April 2012. *Sad face* What gives Picnik??! How can you decide to close when I've only just discovered you??? 

So now I'm on the hunt for something else that is equally user friendly. Apparently there isn't anything else, but I've been tinkering around with Pixlr and I like it so far. I've also been told that Photoshop Elements is a lot easier than regular ol' Photoshop, but it's not free, which is a huge deterrent for me. 
Goal achieved? Still out for review...

4. Read more news
PASS WITH FLYING COLOURS!!! Seriously, I have been so good with this resolution. I'm really quite proud of myself. My brother told me he keeps up with news through Twitter. In the beginning of this year I got the iPhone4S and got my first data plan - it has turned me into a twittering fiend...well at least what I define as fiend-ish behaviour, so of course it made sense to me to follow some news feeds. They're great! I also added a few news apps. 

Did I mention how much I love this phone? I can barely part with it. It comes with me everywhere. It's a serious addiction. I have a feeling 2013's new year's resolutions will include "putting down the iPhone"... 
Goal achieved? Check!!

5. Do more DIYs on my blog
I achieved my monthly goal (so far) to do one quality DIY or tutorial. In January I posted a tutorial for an iPhone charging station. I was really happy with the way it came out and got some good feedback on it. 

Goal achieved? Check!

6. Declutter each season
I did a deep declutter of my closet and brought a garbage bag full of clothes to G to the Dub (Goodwill) in mid-January. I also managed not to pick up any new items while there, so double-score!
Goal achieved? Yes-siree!

 7. Spend more quality time with the ones I love 
This was the most important resolution to me and I'm proud of how I've fared so far. I've had quality conversations with all of my girlfriends in January. They all live out of town/province/abroad so I'm very happy I got a chance to talk to them all. I've also been responding to emails and text messages more promptly. Before January, I used to read emails/texts and mentally respond, then put my phone down and forget to actually respond. Silly, right? Now I just respond immediately to make sure I don't leave people hanging. Kevin and I have also had some quality dates (yay!) and even managed two (yes, TWO!) double dates last month. I think that deserves a pat on the back!
Goal achieved? Yes indeed-y!

Overall I can say I'm happy with my progress. There's obviously still room for improvement cough*swearingandphotography*cough, but I still have 11 more months ahead of me. 

How have your resolutions been going? If you made any, have you been sticking to them, or did some of them fall off the bandwagon like mine?

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