Friday, July 29, 2011

Gotta Find New Digs

Kevin and I moved into our apartment in July 2009. It's a house split into 2 units - we occupy the top floor and my landlord (a guy in his mid-thirties) occupies the first. A few months back I asked him a few questions about the house - how long have you lived here? how long will you live here? - stuff like that. He told me he listed the house on Craigslist a few months back just to see if there would be any takers at his price point. There weren't. But this had me worried that he might try to jump ship (aka sell the house) before we move into the condo. I asked Kevin that night what he would like to do if our landlord sold the house before the condo is built and he said, "If we have more than a year, rent another apartment. If we have less than a year, move to our parents' houses."

I love my family, but I definitely fall into the distance-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder category.

A couple weeks ago, I got this text from my landlord:

I just wanted to let you know first that I’ll be meeting with a realtor to discuss plans about putting my house on the market. I will keep u posted with any decision I make so as to not leave you guys in limbo.

Mother Ducker! (that was not a typo - I'm just trying to keep this PG)

We'd just paid our July rent a bit over a week before and our last month was paid when we moved in. So even if we moved out as soon as possible - August 31st - it gives us less than a year before we move into the condo, which means...



we're moving to our respective parents' houses for the next 10-ish months (depending on when the occupancy date is finalized for our condo)
Our landlord was very surprised when we gave him our (almost) 60 day notice the same day he sent the text because he hadn't even met with the realtor yet and it could be months before the house sells. I figured if we have to find interim housing anyway, we might as well do it sooner to save the rent money and to avoid doing a move in the winter months (less than ideal in Canada). 

I want our move to be little less this and this:

and a little more this :-)

So, to end this very wordy post, I'll let you know that I'll be posting some unDIY (undo it yourself!) projects in the next few weeks to restore everything back to how it was when we moved in :-(

Do you all hate moving as much as I do? What would you do if you were me? Rent again or live with the 'rents again??...

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