Monday, July 18, 2011

My Weekend Follies

My weekends are usually laid back because by Friday afternoon, when I ride the subway home, I'm pretty much drained and look a lot like this guy...

I always wake up disoriented and panicky, wondering if I missed my stop, wondering if anyone saw me drooling/falling over, etc. Of course someone did. And they probably took a picture of it. (There are websites that are dedicated to posting pictures of sleeping subway riders. You've been warned folks!) By the time I get home I walk around in a haze, willing myself to stay awake, but by 9:01pm I'm practically sprinting to bed.

This Friday my 9:01pm bedtime didn't happen. Kevin's friend was celebrating a birthday up in the 'burbs. I had a good time - ate a little, drank a little, danced a little, then by 2am, I looked a lot like that guy up top again lol. This happens every time I go out and Kevin's learned to live with it. We had a car for the night, so I went to sleep in the back seat until he was ready to go. This is the benefit of being relatively short :-)

Also, I got a delivery on Friday! A pair of earrings that came in the most ridiculously huge packaging! The earring box inside a small box inside bubble wrap inside a thin cardboard envelope inside a huge box...

On Saturday I played a game of soccer at Riverdale Park with my sister, Michelle and a few other people. It was a scorcher out there on Saturday! We would literally play for 10 minutes, then take a 5 minute time out for water, then play for 10 minutes, and on and on. 
Here are some fun pics from the game...

Michelle with one of the other players (she loves this photo of herself!)

Sara and Darcy duking it out for the ball... 
but really, I just posted this one because it looks like he's gonna boot her in the arse lol

 Then Sara, Darcy, Michelle and I went to the Indian Bazaar Festival on Gerrard Street later 

Michelle and I wolfed down some veggie samosas, and then we all got butter chicken. Yum!

Apparently there was like a live "So You Think You Can Dance" India-version going on. 
This girl wasn't too happy with her reviews...

Straight after this Michelle and I went downtown to watch 
HARRY POTTER 7 in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We bought UltraAVX tickets from the Scotiabank theatre on Friday (for Saturday) and were SO HAPPY we did. The seats for that specific theatre are reserved so you don't have to line up early to get your seats. We got to the theatre ten minutes before the start of the movie and got our seats with no problem. It was Michelle's first 3D movie (I saw Avatar in 3D) and it was fun to see her reaction. She loved the 3D experience :-) Plus the glasses helped conceal some of our tears. We cried like a bunch of babies lol. Happy or sad we knew we'd cry so we went in prepared with a bunch of tissues. 

Sunday was a much easier day spent (mostly) napping on the couch and reading magazines (when I could manage to stay awake), and then Kev and I headed to his mom's house for dinner.

Did you guys get out and enjoy the weekend? Or did you stay inside in the AC?

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